Painting for Preservation Heads To Trico! Saturday, June 1st – 9:30am – 12:30pm!

Great news!

Have you heard about Painting for Preservation? Mark your calendars!! On Saturday, June 1st, 2013 at 9:30am – 12:30pm, P4P heads to Trico Plant #1! We are excited to see people come out and draw/paint/sketch/photograph the Trico building.

About Painting for Preservation:

Mission: To bring together artists of all media in support of historic distressed properties and communities. To create artwork on-site related to the location as a means of raising positive awareness of the space.

You can find more information on P4P here:

The upcoming June Painting for Preservation events are as follows:

·         Saturday, June 1st , 9:30 am – 12:30 pm – Art-in at Trico Plant #1, 791 Washington St., Buffalo

·         Friday, June 7th, 7 pm – Artist Talk at C.G. Jung Center, 408 Franklin Ave., Buffalo

·         Wednesday, June 12th, 5 pm – 7:30 pm – Art-in at Niagara Square, Buffalo (in conjunction with BALLE conference)

·         Saturday, June 22nd,  9:30 am – 12:30 pm – Art-in at St. Ann’s Church, Broadway and Emslie, Buffalo

·         Friday, June 28th,  6 pm – 8 pm – Closing Reception at C.G. Jung Center, 408 Franklin Ave., Buffalo


Artists who participate in these art-in will have the opportunity to exhibit their completed and/or partially completed artwork at the C.G. Jung Center in an on-going exhibit.Image


Want to talk to Council Majority Leader Demone Smith about Landmarking Trico?


This is to advise that Common Council Majority Leader Demone A. Smith, in anticipation of the Regular Common Council Meeting for Tuesday, April 30, 2013 at 2:00 p.m., has scheduled a Common Council Caucus Meeting to be held:

Monday, April 29, 2013


2:00 PM


Room 1417 City Hall

Elected officials, department heads and their representatives are invited to attend this meeting to comment and provide information regarding communications and requests that are currently before the Common Council for action or review. 

A copy of the Initial Agenda for the Common Council Meeting, reflecting all items filed with the City Clerk prior to the Council’s filing deadline, is attached.


Common Council Caucus Meetings are open to the public.

Demone A. Smith

Masten District Councilmember 
Majority Leader 
1316 A. City Hall 
Buffalo NY 14202 
P: 716-851-5145 
F: 716-851-5443 
W: Demone Smith 
District Map


Save Trico to BNMC: Help Lead Our City to Greatness.

To the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus,

Take a moment to read this article posted in Buffalorising today. This article is important because it explains that if you want to lure people to Buffalo instead of loosing out to NYC or Chicago, you need to understand and give them what they desire or you will continue to loose incredible talent to cities that give the youth what they need and want.

We are asking you to read this because as a major leader in Buffalo, you need to understand how to lead our city to greatness and attract new, innovative talent to the Queen city. Each move you make affects the city in some way. Reusing Trico successfully will require creative financing, demanding high design and out of the box thinking –  traits one would expect City leader.

We want you to understand that saving Trico is not just about preservation. Trico is something that the public feels compelled and passionate to keep because if reused, it will be a part of the movement to lead our city to greatness. Reusing Trico will be a crucial step in planning and creating a mixed use, innovative medical corridor built for the 21st Century City.

We know your proposed compromise is a demolition plan. Your plan is to offer developers a building that does not have parking options. Your big plan is that no developer will want it without parking options and within a a few months, you will demolish the entire building because no developer has expressed interest.

But wait! Where there is a will, there is a way, right? We are asking you to work with the city, the community organizations, the young people who will lead this city one day and your private & public stakeholders to reuse the Trico building.

We are asking you to find a reuse for this building that will help lead our city to greatness. If you can’t come up with a solution, give the Trico building to someone who will harness the true potential of this iconic building. There are a variety of viable ideas out there that can work for Trico. Turn it into lofts or apartments for the 20,000 students that will attend school in the medical campus. Use it to fufill your need for administration and classroom space. Put parking inside and retail around the perimeter and give the street new life. Give a cash incentive to the developer with the best plan like you did for Millard Fillmore Gates Hospital. Make it a vertical green house and lab space for farm innovators. MAKE IT SOMETHING that demands a livable, walkable and diverse neighborhood that will lure young professional talent and make our city great.  
Thank you,
Save Trico
trico entrance

BNMC’s Master Plan Proves The Need For Trico.

According to the BNMC, we don’t need one Trico building, we need at least four of them!

In the 2010 BNMC Master Plan, the BNMC plans to add over five million square feet of space on the campus over the next 20 years.

When looking at the proposed uses outlined in the plan, there is over 2 million square feet planned for the medical campus that could use a building like Trico. Because Trico has large, open floor plates, it can be easily re purposed. Trico’s vacant, 600,000 sf of space can be used for office, residential and incubator space, all three uses which the BNMC needs. Looks like we don’t need one Trico, we need four!

The Trico building has striking similarities with several of Buffalo’s success stories including the Larkin Exchange Building, Tri Main Center and the AC Lofts. We have seen several successful adaptive reuse projects in Buffalo with this type of building and considering it’s location and the need for space on the medical campus, there is no reason why 66% of Trico should be demolished.

Check out the needs of the BNMC from their 2010 master plan. The highlighted ones represent the uses that need a building like Trico. All information was pulled directly from the 2010 BNMC master plan.


  • MD FACILITY UB – 200,000
  • CAMPUS LIFE / SUPPORT UB / private developer – 560,000
  • INCUBATOR UB – 328,000
  • UNIVERSITY HOUSING UB/ private developer – 660,000
  • PARKING STRUCTURE tbd +/- (1600 cars)
  • PARKING STRUCTURE tbd +/- (1600 cars)
  • AMBULATORY CARE CENTER Kaleida – 100,000
  • FUTURE BNMC EXPANSION (program TBD) Kaleida – 400,000
  • CLINICAL SCIENCE CENTER (CSC) Roswell Park – 20,000
  • SCIENCE BUILDING (post CSC) Roswell Park – 140,000

GRAND TOTAL – 20 year horizon and beyond – 5,256,000 sf

A Half Trico Is Not Okay.

If half of Trico is demolished, the iconic historic landmark will be stripped of it’s ability to take advantage of the valuable historic tax credits which often is the only way to make projects of this scale work. 

This week, this Buffalo News article was posted which states half of Trico will be demolished. The plan removes significant portions of the building including the ice house and several portions of the daylight factory. This study presented has not explored all options fully, does not take into account the loss of important historic tax credits and most importantly, it dismisses the need for an official RFP process (similar to Millard Fillmore Hospital) which is the strongest way to attract a developer.

Here is why a half Trico is not acceptable.

1. Despite what the BNMC says, the market is there. The BNMC and UB have planned over SIX million square feet of office, lab, residential and classroom space for the medical corridor. This includes 600,000 sf needed for living space for UB students. News Flash – Trico is shy of 600,000 sf! Trico could easily be this space instead of spending millions of tax payer dollars to demolish and build new.

2. With the valuable historic tax credits removed from the equation (due to demolishing half the building) it makes the remainder of Trico highly unlikely to find a developer to rehab the space. Many experts feel that this will ultimately lead towards the ENTIRE building being demolished.

3. Parking. This is an argument about parking. Why would the BNMC demolish a building to build new when there is a vacant, shovel ready site owned by the BNMC directly acrossed the street? Oh yeah, PARKING. If Trico was rehabbed, parking would now become a SERIOUS issue that the BNMC does not want to deal with.

4. This decision was not community driven nor public in anyway. The BNMC did not meet with the community, nor did they gather a consensus from their “Trico Round Table” on the decision to remove half of the building. The BNMC told preservationists their decision and did not give them any time to read, review, or give comments on the decision. Do not be fooled. This was NOT a community process however should be because the BNMC is funded almost entirely with community tax dollars.

We challenge UB and BNMC to make good on their pledge to explore the reuse of Trico, and to issue an open, constructive, RFP with a reasonable timeline. Ultimately, their will have been no open minded exploration of the possibility for reuse for Trico without a public RFP.

A half Trico is not okay.

Save Trico!


The Market is There for a Whole Trico.

Doug Swift stated on WBFO this morning that the entire building can be saved however the market will not justify the costs associated with redevelopment. 

This statement is absolutely not true. 

Trico is located in an area with high expected growth and development. The BNMC plans to add six million square feet of space to the campus within the next 10 years, including creating 600,000 sf of living space for UB students. Read the master plan of 2010 here. There is no market argument. There is no excuse to remove half of the Trico building. The market is there. The money is there. What is lacking? The creativity to think outside of the box, the want to save this building and parking. It comes down to no creativity, no want and no parking.

Funny enough that if Trico was redeveloped in full, it would compete with the Innovation Center for the parking lot across the street  which is something that the BNMC does not want. Of course BNMC wants the rights to develop this space to avoid parking issues. Could this fight be over parking? We wouldn’t be surprised.

When will Buffalo step up it’s game? There is no excuse for demolishing half of the iconic Trico building.