Q & A with Matt Enstice

Paul McDonnell, Rocco Termini, Tom Yots, Martin Wachadlo, Matt Enstice, and Doug Swift– Photo by David Torke, FixBuffalo

On Thursday, March 22nd in the common council chambers at City Hall Matt Enstice, President & Executive Director of the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus(BNMC), was one of six individuals would participated in Preservation Buffalo-Niagara’s(PBN) Educational Public Meeting regarding the current situation surrounding the Trico Plant #1 Building. The meeting featured four short presentations concerning Trico by Tom Yots (Executive Director of PBN), Martin Wachadlo (Architectural Historian), Matt Enstice (President & Executive Director of the BNMC), and Doug Swift (Cityview Properties). After the presentations, Rocco Termini (Signature Development) and Paul McDonnell (Preservation Board) joined the group for a public question & answer session.

An audio recording of this public meeting was recently made available to the community via a post on FixBuffalo. Since the full recording is one hour and twenty-six minutes long, we have provided audio clips from that original recording below. Coming soon: Shortly we’ll be providing individual audio clips of the speaker’s responses to questions that were asked by the public that night. Please stay tuned!

 Tom Yots, Martin Wachadlo and Matt Enstice – Photo by David Torke, FixBuffalo

Audio Clips from PBN’s Educational Public Meeting regarding Trico (3/22/2012)

  • Welcome & introductions: Tom Yots(PBN) – Audio Clip (4:15 mins)
  • Introduction to PBN: Tom Yots(PBN) – Audio Clip (3:55 mins)
  • Brief History of the Trico Plant #1 Building: Martin Wachadlo – Audio Clip (6:09 mins)
  • PBN & Trico: Tom Yots(PBN) – Audio Clip (6:01 mins)
  • BNMC & Trico: Matt Enstice(BNMC) – Audio Clip (10:27 mins)
  • Doug Swift of Cityview Properties – Audio Clip (4:24 mins)
  • Question & Answer session introduction: Tom Yots(PBN) – Audio Clip (0:38 mins)
  • Full Question & Answer session with Tom Yots, Martin Wachadlo, Matt Enstice, Doug Swift, Rocco Termini and Paul McDonnell – Audio Clip (46:14 mins)

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