Local Landmark Meeting Announced! March 26th at 2pm! Be There!

On Tuesday, March 26th at 2pm in the common council chambers, the Common Council Legislative Committee will be holding a public meeting to discuss locally landmarking the Trico Plant # 1 building!

This is a BIG meeting. We need you – all of you – to come out in support of locally landmarking the iconic Trico Plant # 1 building.  We URGE you to contact your council member and Mr. Pridgen and let them know that Trico deserves to be a local landmark in Buffalo! Here is the link to ALL the common council members and their emails. Write or call and let them know that the Iconic Trico building deserves to be a Buffalo Local Landmark. Here is their contact info – LINK

Read below for background info on why this is important!

In April of 2011, concerned citizens and preservation groups went to the common council to have Trico made into a local landmark which will protect it from demolition. It was unanimously voted in favor of being a local landmark by the preservation board! However, the final decision was up to Council Member Pridgen because the BNMC is located within his territory. At that time, he tabled the decision despite it meeting more than the needed criteria that defines a local landmark.

As of today, the Local Landmark has been tabled which means a decision has not yet been made. On January 3, 2013, PBN sent a letter to Council Member Pridgen asking what was holding this decision up now that the BNMC has decided to demolish 60% of Trico. You can read that letter and the article here.

Here is the link from Artvoice that explains why and how it became tabled. Click here.

If you have any questions, concerns or ideas for Trico, please email us at savetrico@gmail.com.

-Save Trico

trico entrance

1|30|13 – Save Trico Community Meeting & Fundraiser!

Event Alert! We think we all realize the BNMC did not consider all alternatives,  several which could include saving and reusing the entire building. Considering that the BNMC needs over 5+million square feet according to their own master plan, one would imagine that they would want to save and reuse this nationally registered building, no?  This event is aimed to raise cash to hire the folks that can really study reuse options for the iconic Trico building. Come and bring a friend!

On Wednesday, January 30th from 6-9pm @ the Pan Am Brewery, the Buffalo Young Preservationists, Preservation Buffalo Niargar and the Save Trico Preservation Round Table are hosting “Cheers for Trico” a community meeting & fundraising event!

From 6-7pm, a community meeting will be held to explain the importance of Trico to our local economy and history. Rocco Termini and others will be leading the conversation.
From 7-9pm, the fundraising will begin (beer, art, 50/50 split) to collect money to fund an alternative study to identify other reuse options that were not explored (but should have been) by the BNMC.

Rocco Termini will be donating a portion of the drink sales. Buffalo’s Young Preservationists will be collecting $$$ donations and raffling off two sets of hand made “Trico” art created by by historian/artist Chris Kameck. This is going to be both educational AND really fun. All are welcome to come.

Wednesday, Jan 30th // Hotel Lafayette Pan Am // 6-9pm // 391 Washington St

Facebook Event: http://www.facebook.com/events/334396446675290/

1-30 Fund Flyer(Final)

Stalled Trico Landmark Application – PBN’s Letter to Council Member Darius Pridgen


Press Release re: Stalled Trico Landmark Application

Contact: Tom Yots
Phone: (716) 852-3300
Email: Director@p-b-n.org

On Friday, December 28th, 2012, Preservation Buffalo Niagara(PBN) sent a letter to Ellicott District Council Member Darius Pridgen regarding the status of the stalled local landmark nomination application for the historic Trico Plant #1 Building located in his district. The application would designate the already national register-listed building as a local historic landmark and would in turn guarantee valuable community input regarding the property’s ultimate future. PBN, the region’s foremost preservation advocacy organization, is concerned that the City of Buffalo is not abiding by its own laws at an immeasurable cost to its citizens.  

The Letter to Council Member Pridgen states that, “it has been several months since the Legislation Committee of the Buffalo Common Council (Committee), of which you are the chairman, has had any legislative action on the application.” Per the City’s adopted Preservation Ordinance, the Legislation Committee has 30 days from the date of the required public hearing to act on an application for locally landmarking a significant building. The public hearing was held on April 24th, 2012, over 35 weeks ago from today’s date. This public hearing followed the unanimous approval of the application by the City’s Preservation Board on March 8th of that same year. The failure of the Committee to act on the application is a blatant violation of the rule of law and denies the citizens of the City of Buffalo the privileges entitled to them under the Preservation Ordinance.        

The importance of local landmark designation cannot be understated. This law ensures that an informed, public conversation occurs concerning the future of significant, irreplaceable buildings in our communities. To be considered a local landmark, properties must fulfill established criteria relating to architectural design, historic significance, and community importance among others outlined in the Preservation Ordinance. Using these criteria, the Preservation Board unanimously approved the local landmark nomination application for the Trico Plant #1 Building over nine months ago. The inaction on behalf of the Committee is restricting the vital right of the community to preserve our heritage. PBN respectfully requests that the application for this historic building be properly discharged from the Committee as soon as possible and sequentially be approved by the Common Council at its next regular meeting. Preservation Buffalo Niagara is eager to assist the City in whatever capacity to ensure that the rights and privileges afforded to the citizens of the City of Buffalo under the Preservation Ordinance are understood and followed.  


The Save Trico Preservation Round Table Speaks Out on the BNMC Study – PRT To Hire 3rd Party Reviewer! YES!

This is directly posted from this Buffalorising article posted earlier today. Go PRT!

On November 19th, 2012, the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus (BNMC) released the Trico Complex Redevelopment Feasibility Study’ to the public. The study was undertaken by the BNMC in response to the community’s concerns about the future of this historic National Register listed complex. The Preservation Roundtable, having acted in a limited advisory capacity during the drafting process of the document, has reviewed the BNMC’s study.

We are extremely appreciative of the BNMC’s efforts to conduct a redevelopment analysis of the historic Trico Complex. The recently released study provides a wide breadth of important background information, both historical and structural, and also recognizes the specific challenges and opportunities that exist related to the limited reuse options that were explored. The BNMC’s study serves as an excellent foundation for a more in-depth examination of the potential reuse of the historic Trico Complex.

Given the extensive amount of work already completed by the BNMC, we propose that continued investigation be undertaken to find an appropriate adaptive reuse for the historic Trico Complex. This new effort should have a larger scope including creative design solutions, specific market conditions and potential economic incentives that were not recognized in the BNMC study. The current proposed plan is ineligible for historic tax credits, which places the future reuse of the entire complex at risk. Identifying a reuse that maximizes tax credits is a win-win for our community and the BNMC.

The Preservation Roundtable, as a community-based member group comprised of real estate industry professionals, concerned citizens and community volunteers, is ready to define and direct this follow up investigation. A creative reuse solution for the historic Trico Complex must be explored and we are ready to leverage our collective expertise and experience to guarantee that it takes place. The renewed endeavor will start at the beginning of the new year with a fundraising event for the associated costs of producing this new study. The fundraising event will take place at the Lafayette Hotel in mid-January of 2013. Specific details will be released shortly.

The Preservation Roundtable is extremely excited to continue our ongoing dialogue with the BNMC as we work together to further investigate the potential for the reuse of the historic Trico Complex. We welcome your help and support.

About the Preservation Roundtable:

Formed in the Fall of 2011, the Preservation Roundtable is a community-based member group comprised of real estate industry professionals, concerned citizens and community volunteers who’s mission is to foster and sustain successful working relationships within the real estate community of Western New York while actively seeking to preserve our region’s heritage.