Press Event – Tomorrow at NOON at City Hall! Landmark Trico! Come one, come all.

Spend your lunch hour making Buffalo better! 4/29/13 at NOON in front of City Hall. 

If you cannot come – please email/call your common council representative. Tell them to landmark this iconic building. 

You can get their contact info and letter templates on our “Landmark Trico” page on this website.

4/29 – Trico Press Conference Scheduled for THIS Monday at City Hall at Noon!

Preservation Buffalo Niagara(PBN) will be hosting a press conference this coming Monday, April 29th at Noon at City Hall in downtown Buffalo. 

Tom Yots, Executive Director of PBN, will address the media regarding the pending decision to locally landmark the historic Trico Plant #1 Building. The Trico building was previously denied landmark status last spring when the common council refused to act on the application

The Trico building, which has been listed on the National Register since 2002, has been determined to be eligible for landmark status by the City of Buffalo Preservation Board twice in the past year – both unanimous votes by the board. 

The Common Council will have another opportunity to approve the landmark designation for the Trico building during next Tuesday, April 30th’s council meeting. This local designation would allow for greater transparency and ensure valuable public involvement in the reuse discussions surrounding the property. Local landmark designation would also protect the historic integrity of the Trico building and it’s eligibility for historic tax credits and/or other State and Federal funding which could ultimately be used to rehabilitate the property.

PBN asks that it’s members as well as the general public to actively support the local landmark designation of the Trico Plant #1 Building by contacting their respective City of Buffalo Common Council Members before next Tuesday’s Council meeting


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