Local Landmark Meeting Announced! March 26th at 2pm! Be There!

On Tuesday, March 26th at 2pm in the common council chambers, the Common Council Legislative Committee will be holding a public meeting to discuss locally landmarking the Trico Plant # 1 building!

This is a BIG meeting. We need you – all of you – to come out in support of locally landmarking the iconic Trico Plant # 1 building.  We URGE you to contact your council member and Mr. Pridgen and let them know that Trico deserves to be a local landmark in Buffalo! Here is the link to ALL the common council members and their emails. Write or call and let them know that the Iconic Trico building deserves to be a Buffalo Local Landmark. Here is their contact info – LINK

Read below for background info on why this is important!

In April of 2011, concerned citizens and preservation groups went to the common council to have Trico made into a local landmark which will protect it from demolition. It was unanimously voted in favor of being a local landmark by the preservation board! However, the final decision was up to Council Member Pridgen because the BNMC is located within his territory. At that time, he tabled the decision despite it meeting more than the needed criteria that defines a local landmark.

As of today, the Local Landmark has been tabled which means a decision has not yet been made. On January 3, 2013, PBN sent a letter to Council Member Pridgen asking what was holding this decision up now that the BNMC has decided to demolish 60% of Trico. You can read that letter and the article here.

Here is the link from Artvoice that explains why and how it became tabled. Click here.

If you have any questions, concerns or ideas for Trico, please email us at savetrico@gmail.com.

-Save Trico

trico entrance


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