The Save Trico Preservation Round Table Speaks Out on the BNMC Study – PRT To Hire 3rd Party Reviewer! YES!

This is directly posted from this Buffalorising article posted earlier today. Go PRT!

On November 19th, 2012, the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus (BNMC) released the Trico Complex Redevelopment Feasibility Study’ to the public. The study was undertaken by the BNMC in response to the community’s concerns about the future of this historic National Register listed complex. The Preservation Roundtable, having acted in a limited advisory capacity during the drafting process of the document, has reviewed the BNMC’s study.

We are extremely appreciative of the BNMC’s efforts to conduct a redevelopment analysis of the historic Trico Complex. The recently released study provides a wide breadth of important background information, both historical and structural, and also recognizes the specific challenges and opportunities that exist related to the limited reuse options that were explored. The BNMC’s study serves as an excellent foundation for a more in-depth examination of the potential reuse of the historic Trico Complex.

Given the extensive amount of work already completed by the BNMC, we propose that continued investigation be undertaken to find an appropriate adaptive reuse for the historic Trico Complex. This new effort should have a larger scope including creative design solutions, specific market conditions and potential economic incentives that were not recognized in the BNMC study. The current proposed plan is ineligible for historic tax credits, which places the future reuse of the entire complex at risk. Identifying a reuse that maximizes tax credits is a win-win for our community and the BNMC.

The Preservation Roundtable, as a community-based member group comprised of real estate industry professionals, concerned citizens and community volunteers, is ready to define and direct this follow up investigation. A creative reuse solution for the historic Trico Complex must be explored and we are ready to leverage our collective expertise and experience to guarantee that it takes place. The renewed endeavor will start at the beginning of the new year with a fundraising event for the associated costs of producing this new study. The fundraising event will take place at the Lafayette Hotel in mid-January of 2013. Specific details will be released shortly.

The Preservation Roundtable is extremely excited to continue our ongoing dialogue with the BNMC as we work together to further investigate the potential for the reuse of the historic Trico Complex. We welcome your help and support.

About the Preservation Roundtable:

Formed in the Fall of 2011, the Preservation Roundtable is a community-based member group comprised of real estate industry professionals, concerned citizens and community volunteers who’s mission is to foster and sustain successful working relationships within the real estate community of Western New York while actively seeking to preserve our region’s heritage.



BNMC to “Green” The Trico Parking Lot – Why Not Be Green and Save Trico?

BNMC to “Green” The Trico Parking Lot – Why Not Be Green and Save Trico?

The BNMC is continuing to enhance the Trico lot for its innovation center folks. This time they are installing solar parking lot lights, bike infrastructure and rain gardens. You can read the article here.

The BNMC’s investment in this lot is ironic because it is this lot that is the reason Trico cannot attract a developer.The BNMC has stripped the 600,000 sf building from it’s only parking option and therefore has removed it’s ability to attract a developer because no developer will rehab such a large building without a parking option. If Trico is demolished, the BNMC will be responsible for sending 600,000 sf of material into a landfill.

The greenest building is the one that is already built. Greening the parking lot is a good first step, however we would like to see the BNMC take the leap and save Trico which will really make a positive impact on our environment.


Save Trico to BNMC: Help Lead Our City to Greatness.

To the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus,

Take a moment to read this article posted in Buffalorising today. This article is important because it explains that if you want to lure people to Buffalo instead of loosing out to NYC or Chicago, you need to understand and give them what they desire or you will continue to loose incredible talent to cities that give the youth what they need and want.

We are asking you to read this because as a major leader in Buffalo, you need to understand how to lead our city to greatness and attract new, innovative talent to the Queen city. Each move you make affects the city in some way. Reusing Trico successfully will require creative financing, demanding high design and out of the box thinking –  traits one would expect City leader.

We want you to understand that saving Trico is not just about preservation. Trico is something that the public feels compelled and passionate to keep because if reused, it will be a part of the movement to lead our city to greatness. Reusing Trico will be a crucial step in planning and creating a mixed use, innovative medical corridor built for the 21st Century City.

We know your proposed compromise is a demolition plan. Your plan is to offer developers a building that does not have parking options. Your big plan is that no developer will want it without parking options and within a a few months, you will demolish the entire building because no developer has expressed interest.

But wait! Where there is a will, there is a way, right? We are asking you to work with the city, the community organizations, the young people who will lead this city one day and your private & public stakeholders to reuse the Trico building.

We are asking you to find a reuse for this building that will help lead our city to greatness. If you can’t come up with a solution, give the Trico building to someone who will harness the true potential of this iconic building. There are a variety of viable ideas out there that can work for Trico. Turn it into lofts or apartments for the 20,000 students that will attend school in the medical campus. Use it to fufill your need for administration and classroom space. Put parking inside and retail around the perimeter and give the street new life. Give a cash incentive to the developer with the best plan like you did for Millard Fillmore Gates Hospital. Make it a vertical green house and lab space for farm innovators. MAKE IT SOMETHING that demands a livable, walkable and diverse neighborhood that will lure young professional talent and make our city great.  
Thank you,
Save Trico
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