The Market is There for a Whole Trico.

Doug Swift stated on WBFO this morning that the entire building can be saved however the market will not justify the costs associated with redevelopment. 

This statement is absolutely not true. 

Trico is located in an area with high expected growth and development. The BNMC plans to add six million square feet of space to the campus within the next 10 years, including creating 600,000 sf of living space for UB students. Read the master plan of 2010 here. There is no market argument. There is no excuse to remove half of the Trico building. The market is there. The money is there. What is lacking? The creativity to think outside of the box, the want to save this building and parking. It comes down to no creativity, no want and no parking.

Funny enough that if Trico was redeveloped in full, it would compete with the Innovation Center for the parking lot across the street  which is something that the BNMC does not want. Of course BNMC wants the rights to develop this space to avoid parking issues. Could this fight be over parking? We wouldn’t be surprised.

When will Buffalo step up it’s game? There is no excuse for demolishing half of the iconic Trico building.

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