Trico Reuse Plan Announced.

The reuse plan for Trico was announced today. You can read the Buffalorising article here.

At first glace, we see several options however, BNMC has announced the decision to move forward with the Goodell option, which would mean that over 50% of this Nationally listed historic building would be removed, an option which is unacceptable to us.

EB Blue stated: What “qualified developer” will step forward to renovate the remaining portion of the complex without historic tax credits? It’s not feasible.

BNMC doesn’t plan to renovate any portion of the building, as it has stated. BNMC plans to start demolition on the rest of the complex on the premise that no developer will step forward for Building 8. This is a demolition strategy, not a compromise intended to save any portion of the building.”

This comment speaks very loudly. Trico will be removed of its ability to access the historic tax credits that often are the only way to make projects of this scale work.

Now,this is the first time the plan has been released to the public so we are in the process of reading, reviewing and making comments to this plan. More to come. Stay tuned.



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