Innovate Trico – Buffalorising Article

This article was posted by Rachacha on Buffalorising last week.

We are glad to see that the media is still pushing the Trico issue. We know Trico can and must be saved – we just have to get the owners to own it. The good news is that as time goes on and Trico sits there vacant, more and more large scale adaptive reuse success stories continue to come online. The bad news is Trico continues to deteriorate when if put in the right hands, it would rise above and provide an innovative, creative space that Buffalo does not have. It’s also important to note that in Allentown, rents and property values are rising so quickly and there is very little availability for people to live/rent/own due to increased demand from the BNMC growth. You can only build up, not out and of course, Trico is perfect for live/work space.

Here is the article link. Check it out.


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