Tabled Forever.

Trico has been tabled forever… and yet the BNMC has yet to come back with a plan of reuse and continues to want to demo the iconic Trico building.

On March 22, the city’s Preservation Board unanimously recommended that the Common Council grant Trico Plant #1 local landmark status. BNMC strenuously objected; the Brown adminstration objected more quietly, in part throught the offices of Pridgen, to whose Legislation Committee the designation was sent. As it happened, an unusual alignment of interests resulted in the committee chair being rendered powerless to stall the item in committee: North’s Joe Golombek departed from the majority coalition to join Niagara’s David Rivera and Franczyk in supporting local landmark status, over the objections of the other two committee members, Pridgen and Smith. Pridgen stalled to avoid a vote on Rivera’s motion to discharge the matter from the committee to the whole Council for a vote. As Rivera and Franczyk pressed for a vote, Pridgen appealed to the leader of the drive for landmarking Trico, noted preservationist Tim Tielman, for a compromise: Would Tielman be content if the item were to stay in committee for just two more weeks, so Pridgen could study the issue further? Fearing that he would alienate Pridgen if he said no, Tielman agreed, saying he could live with the item coming before the whole Council for a vote in three weeks.

That was April 24, almost 11 weeks ago. Despite the agreement Pridgen and Tielman made at that meeting, the item has remained stalled in committee, where Pridgen alone has the power to let it die or let it free.