Campaign for Greater Buffalo’s Public Meeting is TONIGHT!

From the 3/27 Trico meeting flier – Campaign for Greater Buffalo

So You Think URBAN RENEWAL is over? Then why do they keep demolishing houses and buildings that could bind neighborhoods together instead of tearing them apart? For 50 years they’ve been intent on separating the East Side from West side and downtown. For 50 years we’ve been told neighborhoods would improve. We’ve lost supermarkets, drugstores, and small businesses by the score, forced out by the Oak Street Urban Renewal Project and the Elm-Oak Arterial Project.

Come and find out about the latest front in the 50-year “War Against the City.”

Tue. March 27, 2012, 6:00-7:30pm at the Historic Promised Land Baptist Church, High Street & Mulberry, Buffalo
• Darius G. Pridgen, Ellicott Council Member
• Susan McCartney, “Trico Baby” and Small Business Expert
• Paul McDonnell, Architect and Chair, Buffalo Preservation Board
• Richard Berger, Attorney, on the environmental review process
• Eric Lander, Real Estate Expert
• Tim Tielman, Executive Director of The Campaign for Greater Buffalo

Trico Plant #1 is a National Historic Landmark. Why not use for a supermarket?
Neighborhood businesses? Day care centers? Office space? Education? Recreation?


Information: 854-3749, The Campaign for Greater Buffalo


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