‘Demo of Trico = Urban Renewal 2.0’ – Councilmen Golomebek & Franczyk

Photo by Mike Puma, Views of Buffalo

Check out the resolution put together by Councilmen Golomebek & Franczyk concerning Trico – Trico Resolution against demolition by Golombek and Franczyk .

“In support of their position, preservationists point to the Trico Product Building’s reinforced concrete, steel beam and steel pillar construction and large, open floor plans. In addition, engineering studies from 2006 and 2007 certified the building to be structurally sound; and…Critics of BNMC’s demolition plans believe that the Medical Campus is pursuing a ‘demolition first’ mentality, and have drawn parallels between their proposal and misguided ‘Urban Renewal’ efforts of the 1950’s and 1960’s that led to the loss of much of Buffalo’s historic urban fabric and architectural legacy. Many people have also publicly questioned whether reuse of the building was ever seriously explored by BNMC as an option”

The next common council meeting is scheduled for tomorrow Tuesday, March 27th at 2pm. Both this resolution and the Preservation Board’s local landmark designation will be on the agenda.


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