PBN’s Educational Public Meeting RECAP

Paul McDonnell, Rocco Termini, Tom Yots, Martin Wachadlo, Matt Enstice, and Doug Swift – Photo by David Torke, FixBuffalo

Following the Preservation Board’s public hearing on the local landmark designation of the Trico Plant on Thursday night, Preservation Buffalo Niagara(PBN) hosted an educational public meeting regarding the same property. The meeting featured short presentations concerning Trico by Tom Yots (Executive Director of PBN), Martin Wachadlo (Architectural Historian), Matt Enstice (President & Executive Director of the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus (BNMC)), and Doug Swift (Cityview Properties).

After the presentations, Rocco Termini (Signature Development) and Paul McDonnell (Preservation Board) joined the group for a public question & answer session. What was hoped to be a productive conversation about the future of the National Register-listed Trico Plant #1 building was little more than a ‘dance-a-thon’ by Matt Enstice. As Enstice failed to answer the most basic of questions regarding the properties ownership, proposed remediation costs and even the names of local community groups he said he previously met with, it became clear to the crowd of 50 plus individuals in attendance that Enstice was in fact the most ill-informed individual in the room. Many in attendance found it odd that the $200,000+ a year Executive Director had no clue what was happening with the 550,000 sqft vacant structure right next door to his office in the Innovation Center on Ellicott Street. Hear the entire Q & A session via Fix Buffalo here.

Could it be possible that Enstice really knew nothing about the building he oversees, owns and walks past every morning on his way into the office? Very unlikely. We at SaveTrico have a different hypothesis for Enstice’s lack of knowledge. It wasn’t him at Thursday’s meeting.

A simple photo comparison shows that the individual who was actually at Thursday’s meeting was none other than Ivan Igor (aka Marty Feldman). Although a longshot, considering Feldman died in 1982, this would explain the ‘I know nothing’ responses from Enstice throughout the course of the evening.

Alright, alright. But seriously folks, if the Executive Director of one of the most influential players in our region can’t (or won’t) answer a few softball questions regarding a national register-listed landmark that they have allowed to fall into further disrepair over the last 5 years then something isn’t right.

Over the next few days we at SaveTrico will be devoting a large amount of our time to reviewing the audio from Thursday’s meeting and will be providing the best soundbites on a new page entitled ‘Q & A with Matt Enstice’.


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