Rocco supports the full adaptive reuse of TRICO!

In a recent letter to the Buffalo News, local real estate developer Rocco Termini talks about the opportunity to move ECC’s expanded health and science departments into the Trico Plant #1. “Wouldn’t it make more sense to locate the health science school in the Trico building rather than in Amherst? The building is on the National Historic Register, which would make it eligible for historic tax credits, and is surrounded by a 400-car parking lot. It is also being mentioned as a candidate for demolition. Before the wrecking ball strikes, should we at least consider the possible reuses of this building?” Rocco is right, let’s start investing more in our downtown core. Our region can not survive without a strong city center.

Here is the news article –


One thought on “Rocco supports the full adaptive reuse of TRICO!

  1. while all avenues for redevelopment of the existing building should be investigated before demolition is considered, the 400 parking lots that Rocco mentions are not associated with this building so are of little consideration to this conversation…

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