A Comparison of the Redevelopment Approches between Millard Fillmore Gates Circle Hospital and Trico

We drafted a table comparing the redevelopment process for Millard Fillmore Gates Circle Hospital to TRICO.  It’s based on the Kaleida MFGCH website (which is worth checking out).  Kaleida did not do a reuse study using SHPO guidelines, so not strictly what we want, but the comparison is still worth making. By comparing the two buildings, it is apparent that the BNMC has ignored any process that would have opened up a redevelopment opportunity for Trico.

The references from our comparison are listed below and worth looking at.

Comparison of Redevelopment Approach of Millard Fillmore Gates Circle Hospital and Trico

  Millard Fillmore Gates Circle Hospital TRICO
Size 882,000 square feet. 550,000 square feet.
Date of construction 1910s – 1950s Mostly 1920s.  About 5% built in 1890s.
Landmark status None. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Historical significance Some buildings might be historically significant, but no formal argument has been made. Yes, as described in the National Register nomination1.
Eligibility for historic preservation tax credits It’s possible. Yes, 20% federal and 20% state historic preservation tax credits available.
Building type Hospital. Daylight factory.
Examples of building type reuse Yes. Many examples nationwide, including Larkin Building in Buffalo, NY.
Economic health of neighborhood Good. Very good.  Property and rental market very strong around medical campus.
Project proponent Kaleida Health. Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus (BNMC)  – board includes Kaleida Health, University at  Buffalo, Roswell Park Medical Institute, City of Buffalo, and Erie County.
Proposed demolition date No plans announced. Rumors that a phased demolition will start on April 15, 2012.
Redevelopment Process
Engagement of reuse specialist Nationally recognized nonprofit Urban Land Institute (ULI) engaged to lead reuse assessment and discussion. No reuse specialist engaged.
Community discussion Community presentations and meetings in the spring and summer of 2011, and additional community meetings planned in 2012. No public meetings.  BNMC began discussion with small group of preservationists three months before planned April 15th demolition.
Reuse study Released March, 2011.  For the effort, “ULI interviewed and gathered input from nearly 200 individuals”2 None.
Request for Proposal (RFP) Reuse RFP issued on February 9, 2012. None.
Enticement to development community Kaleida offered $1M prize to winner of development RFP (and lesser prizes for runners up). None.
Net cost to demolish building and sell property Not available. Estimated $7-10M cost to demolish.  Anticipated property sale value not available.
Net cost to reuse property $3.2M3 Not evaluated.
Savings from reuse $4.5M3 Not evaluated.  40% historic tax credits add to potential savings.


1 http://www.oprhp.state.ny.us/hpimaging/hp_view.asp?GroupView=2153

2 http://www.kaleidahealth.org/uli/pdfs/GatesReuseULIupdate.pdf

3  http://www.kaleidahealth.org/ULI/pdfs/Buffalo_Low_Res_2011.pdf


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