TABLED: Both TRICO agenda items are tabled until April 24th

Yesterday, the common council chose to table both TRICO agenda items until their next meeting on April 10th April 24th. The items tabled were the Preservation Board’s recommendation for local landmark designation and the resolution put together by Councilmen Golomebek & Franczyk concerning Trico – Trico Resolution against demolition by Golombek and Franczyk . Check out the agenda from last night’s common council meeting.

The public will have an opportunity to speak at the April 10th meeting but you must register with City Hall officials by TOMORROW. If you are interested, please call Mark at 851-5109 to have your name put on the list.

Update: You do not need to call to speak at the next common council meeting taking place on April 24th. Only call if you’d like a statement officially recorded and distributed to the council members before that date. Sorry for any confusion.


Rocco Termini: “I’ve Got a Dollar in my pocket” for the Trico Building!

From Artvoice

Tonight the Campaign for Greater Buffalo History, Architecture & Culture hosted a meeting about the future of the Trico building at Promised Land Baptist Church, at High and Mulberry streets. Among the speakers was developer Rocco Termini, who in recent years has become one of the city’s preeminent restorers and re-users of historic properties.

Termini said that during a meeting last week, the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus’s executive director, Matt Enstice, told him that BNMC would sell the Trico building to anyone who thought they could come up with a feasible plan to reuse it for $1. (How that would work is unclear: BNMC doesn’t own the building. A city agency called the Buffalo Brownfield Restoration Corporation owns it. Anyway…) Termini seemed to believe that Enstice was bluffing—that Enstice was simply arguing that no developer could make the finances work for preservation of the iconic downtown factory.

“I’m here tonight to tell you that I’m going to call his bluff,” Termini said to the 50 people who attended the meeting, a crowd that included Common Council members Darius Pridgen and Dave Franczyk. “I have a dollar in my pocket.”

Termini said he wanted control of the property for two years, in which time he’d create a plan and finance it. He said that the demolition that BNMC is pursuing would likely take two years to be approved anyway, so why not give him a chance to save it?

Campaign for Greater Buffalo’s Public Meeting is TONIGHT!

From the 3/27 Trico meeting flier – Campaign for Greater Buffalo

So You Think URBAN RENEWAL is over? Then why do they keep demolishing houses and buildings that could bind neighborhoods together instead of tearing them apart? For 50 years they’ve been intent on separating the East Side from West side and downtown. For 50 years we’ve been told neighborhoods would improve. We’ve lost supermarkets, drugstores, and small businesses by the score, forced out by the Oak Street Urban Renewal Project and the Elm-Oak Arterial Project.

Come and find out about the latest front in the 50-year “War Against the City.”

Tue. March 27, 2012, 6:00-7:30pm at the Historic Promised Land Baptist Church, High Street & Mulberry, Buffalo
• Darius G. Pridgen, Ellicott Council Member
• Susan McCartney, “Trico Baby” and Small Business Expert
• Paul McDonnell, Architect and Chair, Buffalo Preservation Board
• Richard Berger, Attorney, on the environmental review process
• Eric Lander, Real Estate Expert
• Tim Tielman, Executive Director of The Campaign for Greater Buffalo

Trico Plant #1 is a National Historic Landmark. Why not use for a supermarket?
Neighborhood businesses? Day care centers? Office space? Education? Recreation?


Information: 854-3749, The Campaign for Greater Buffalo

Past Engineering Reports point to ‘demolition by neglect’ tactics by BNMC, but TRICO is still structurally strong

On Friday, Artvoice disclosed a series of engineering reports that were commissioned by the Buffalo Urban Development Corp.(BURC) to examine TRICO. Those reports provide an interesting narrative of how the national register-listed building was maintained and cared for while under the ownership of the BNMC.

From Siracuse’s reports:

  • Structural Assessment – June 5, 2007: ‘The structural framing for the building, however, remains in relatively good condition and will function as originally designed for the foreseeable futureIn order to protect the safety of the public, it is strongly recommend that an experienced masonry contractor be retained to closely inspect and repaint / repair the column covers and deteriorated brick panels…’
  • Structural Assessment – June 11, 2007: ‘At minimum, the contractor would have to clean out and caulk the cracks(of the column covers)…I estimate that this portion of the work would cost between $20,000 and $50,000’ – This work was never completed
  • Structural Assessment – November 17, 2008: ‘Based on my on-site observation of the existing building conditions, the building is deteriorating rapidly and requires prompt attention.’
  • Structural Assessment – January 27, 2010(Siracuse Letter 1-27-2010): ‘Over the course of the past two years and eight months, I have visited the project several times to assess the existing conditions…It is my understanding that a request has been made to have my office revisit the site and issue an updated report on the condition of the building…I see no evidence that either of these issues(roof & column covers) has improved with time (because recommended work was not preformed)…I must therefore respectfully decline to issue a revised report

So BURC pays Siracuse Engineering(with taxpayer money) to examine the structural condition of Trico several times, with Siracuse recommending work to be performed that will not only prevent the building from deteriorating further but to also protect the public. NO WORK WAS EVER COMPLETED. If fact, BURC tries to get Siracuse to come out a fourth time and they refuse because none of their previous suggestions were heard. This is a textbook case of ‘demolition by neglect’, but thankfully Trico’s structural condition was not compromised by BURC and BNMC lack of responsibility for their property due to the almost indestructible mode of construct present.

‘Demo of Trico = Urban Renewal 2.0’ – Councilmen Golomebek & Franczyk

Photo by Mike Puma, Views of Buffalo

Check out the resolution put together by Councilmen Golomebek & Franczyk concerning Trico – Trico Resolution against demolition by Golombek and Franczyk .

“In support of their position, preservationists point to the Trico Product Building’s reinforced concrete, steel beam and steel pillar construction and large, open floor plans. In addition, engineering studies from 2006 and 2007 certified the building to be structurally sound; and…Critics of BNMC’s demolition plans believe that the Medical Campus is pursuing a ‘demolition first’ mentality, and have drawn parallels between their proposal and misguided ‘Urban Renewal’ efforts of the 1950’s and 1960’s that led to the loss of much of Buffalo’s historic urban fabric and architectural legacy. Many people have also publicly questioned whether reuse of the building was ever seriously explored by BNMC as an option”

The next common council meeting is scheduled for tomorrow Tuesday, March 27th at 2pm. Both this resolution and the Preservation Board’s local landmark designation will be on the agenda.

New Page! Q & A with Matt Enstice!

Check out the new page – Q & A with Matt Enstice – for audio clips from Preservation Buffalo Niagara’s(PBN) recent educational public meeting. We are currently reviewing the audio from the question and answer session and will eventually be providing individual soundbites of Matt’s best responses from that public meeting. Stay Tuned!

Audio Clips from PBN’s Educational Public Meeting regarding Trico (3/22/2012) Original clip via FixBuffalo

  • Welcome & introductions: Tom Yots(PBN) – Audio Clip (4:15 mins)
  • Introduction to PBN: Tom Yots(PBN) – Audio Clip (3:55 mins)
  • Brief History of the Trico Plant #1 Building: Martin Wachadlo – Audio Clip (6:09 mins)
  • PBN & Trico: Tom Yots(PBN) – Audio Clip (6:01 mins)
  • BNMC & Trico: Matt Enstice(BNMC) – Audio Clip (10:27 mins)
  • Doug Swift of Cityview Properties – Audio Clip (4:24 mins)
  • Question & Answer session introduction: Tom Yots(PBN) – Audio Clip (0:38 mins)
  • Full Question & Answer session with Tom Yots, Martin Wachadlo, Matt Enstice, Doug Swift, Rocco Termini and Paul McDonnell – Audio Clip (46:14 mins)