Key Events in Trico’s History

Found this time table of key events in Trico’s life. Pretty neat!



Progress on Trico

The Save Trico organization is an advocacy group made up of preservationists, developers, architects and concerned citizens that want to see the TRICO building brought back to life. We see the Trico building as an irreplaceable community asset given its very rich history that has continued through the last 100 years as well as for its strategic location within the expanding medical corridor.

Currently, the Save Trico organization is collaborating with the BNMC in an effort to identify an adaptive reuse plan and best overall solution for this historic building.  We expect that the BNMC and Save Trico will come together to identify the best plan of action for this historical treasure.

We will continue to update everyone on the progress of this collaboration via our facebook group and website.

Thank you.

Save Trico

Three Reasons Why TRICO is Important to Buffalo.

Here are three reasons as to why the building should be saved. There are so many others that we will put up soon. We just want to get the word out asap.
  • The windshield Wiper was invented here in Buffalo.
  • The TRICO building is one of very few buildings in Buffalo that are excellent examples of a “daylight” factory.  The building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2001 because of how important this building is both physically and emotionally.
  • The Oishei Foundation (founder of TRICO and inventor of windshield wiper) continues to serve Buffalo for the greater good as a result of their success in Buffalo over the last 100 years.

Here is the story about the invention of the windshield wiper via wiki.

“When a bicyclist and a National Roadster collided on a Buffalo, New York, street one rainy night in 1917, it was an impact felt around the world. Although the cyclist was not seriously injured, the accident was enough to profoundly shake the driver of the car, Buffalo theatre owner J.R. Oishei. Vowing that such an accident should never happen again, Oishei was determined to improve the ability of drivers to see during bad weather. He said that hitting the bicyclist was “a harrowing experience which imprinted on my mind the definite need for maintaining vision while driving in the rain.”

The company Oishei formed, the Tri-Continental Corporation, introduced the first windshield wiper, Rain Rubber, for the slotted, two-piece windshields found on many of the automobiles of the time.”


Please read up on trico and get familiar.



Team Trico


Buffalo Rising Article – Jan 2011

Here is the link to the Buffalorising article posted from the Preservation Ready Sites group. The article brought up TRICO to the BRO readers asking them their opinion on the building’s future. There are some great comments on it. Please check it out. Clearly there are many people that feel this building is worth saving.